Dental Bone Grafting

What Is Dental Bone Grafting?

If you’re having an extraction, you might be thinking what happens to the wide open space after the tooth is removed. The body will slowly fill in the hole left by the tooth roots with a softer bone.

When talking to your dentist, you might be thinking about getting an implant to replace a tooth. To get the most predictable results, you will want to preserve the hardest and healthiest bone available.

This is where a bone graft comes in. At the time of your extraction, your dentist may ask if you’re considering an implant in the future. It’s important to place bone graft material in the extraction site to give your body the scaffolding to adhere healthier bone.

Bone Grafting Procedure

Here at Rivers Bend Family Dental, we use allogenic bone grafts. This is a human donated freeze dried cadaver bone. It is FDA approved, completely void of any organic matter and ensured safe for transplant.

Yes there is the option of using your own bone as grafting material. But that would require a second surgery site and extra healing, so we don’t do that type of grafting in our office.

After your extraction, it’s as simple as hydrating the bone with saline, and placing it in the site where your tooth was. A small absorbable cotton dressing may be placed over the graft with a suture. But it’s not always done or necessary.

Dental Bone Grafting

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Dental Bone Grafting

Benefits of Dental Bone Grafting

  • Creates A Protective Covering Over The Extraction Site
  • Healthier Bone To Work With
  • Better Implant Outcomes

Caring For Your Graft

Our biggest goal post-operatively from a bone graft procedure is to minimize infection and swelling in the area. If you are experiencing any fever, swelling or intense pain from the graft site, contact our office immediately for follow up.

Be sure to use ice packs, avoid touching the site or vigorous mouth rinsing. If there are any prescribed medications, please take those as suggested.

It generally will take 7-10 days to feel back to normal. A softer diet will be necessary for a few days after the grafting. Slowly re-introduce harder and a normal diet as you feel more comfortable.

Dental Bone Grafting
Dental Bone Grafting

Continue with great oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing throughout the rest of your mouth while you’re healing.

It takes a minimum of two to three months before the bone graft has completely healed before an implant surgery can be done.

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Associated Costs

Every person’s situation and specific insurance plan is unique and different. And with most dental procedures, what and how much a procedure will be covered is ultimately determined by your specific policy and plan. With dental implants, many insurance plans cover dental implant procedures. Just be aware, from time to time, we do find dental insurance policies that will not cover portions or all of the cost on dental implant procedures. If you do not currently have dental insurance coverage or have questions about payment options, always feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff. They are always happy to discuss possible options with you.