Replace Teeth With Dentures

What Are Full Or Partial Dentures

Losing teeth can happen to us young or old. Poor oral hygiene, failing root canal or unexpected trauma are just some of the many reasons we could lose a tooth or multiple teeth. But being toothless can cripple and hinder our ability to speak, chew and smile in front of friends. Get to know how a full or partial denture can help make a difference in your life.

Removable partial dentures and full dentures are often used to replace missing teeth. These are completely customized plates and frames to fit only your mouth. Dentures can be characterized to your individual needs. If you had a gap in a specific spot and want it in the same exact place, totally doable. If you had a gap before and want the space closed now, completely doable as well. At Rivers Bend, we try to make dentures that resemble natural original teeth. This helps you regain your full, true confident smile while protecting exposed gums and giving you better functionality again.

If you are scheduled for a denture or partial fitting and you still have questions if dentures are right for you, please contact our staff. We will always tailor your care to your individual needs.

*If you’re afraid of dentures or have a set that don’t stay in place very well, you may want to consider best implants with your dentures. Learn more about implants here.

Full Denture Expectations

When getting fitted for a denture, there are multiple appointments to complete the process.

Initial Consultation: Doctor Wimmergren will take a look at any teeth and/or jawbone structures to determine how healthy everything is and if full or partial dentures are the best option for you. When this is determined, the next step is to take dental impressions of any remaining teeth and gums. This may be done with a digital 3D scanner or traditionally with impressions depending on your specific needs. An accurate impression is critical to delivering you a denture that is designed to fit your mouth exactly. If any teeth need to be extracted, they may be done at the same time your denture will be delivered or you may need to wait for the gums to heal before another impression can be made. This will have been determined at your consultation appointment.

Full and Partial Dentures

Doctor Wimmergren will also talk to you about customizing your dentures. This includes the size, shape and color of the teeth. How bright would you like to have your teeth from Hollywood white to natural. The choice will be discussed between you and the doctor. It’s always helpful if you have a picture of yourself with your ideal smile when you were younger too if available.

After all this information and impression is collected, it will be sent to a local lab. The artistry is breathed into the teeth by your lab to make them as life-like as possible. Once the lab has completed the design and construction of your denture, it is time to set up a trial fitting. With your final approval and the fit feeling great, the teeth are set in place and the process complete.

More On Partial Dentures

When missing only a few teeth, the partial denture will be a better choice unlike the full denture which needs ALL the teeth to be missing. Removable partial dentures consist of replacement teeth that are attached to an acrylic base. The partial denture is color and shaded to match natural teeth and gums. One of the positives to using a partial denture is there are clasps designed to attach to your natural teeth. This secures the partial denture in place so you don’t feel any movement.

It will likely feel odd at first putting in and taking out your first set of removable dentures. But over time as you practice more with them, it becomes more natural. During this transition period, never force your partial denture into place, especially by biting them into place. This can lead to breaking or bending of the clasps. Also another pro tip, is never wear your dentures 24 hours a day.

*If your partial dentures feel cumbersome or too bulky, you may consider best implants to have a more natural feeling dentition again. Learn more about implants here.


Family Dentistry

The Benefits of Dentures

Dentures don’t only fill the space of missing teeth and allow you to smile again. They provide you an ability to chew food, speak more clearly and give you lip support which in turn reduces sagging and wrinkles. Less wrinkles mean a more youthful appearance. They are long lasting with appropriate maintenance. Expect to replace them every five to ten years, which makes them a great value for all the benefits they give. See what dentures can maybe do for you in an incredibly affordable and efficient package at Rivers Bend.

Caring and Maintenance For your Dentures

Maintenance of your new denture(s) is critical to enjoy using a properly fitted set for years to come. Keep the dentures as well as the inside of your mouth clean by brushing both denture and mouth each and every day, morning and night. It’s a good idea to set your dentures in a bowl of water to avoid the acrylic drying out. Don’t use denture cleaners too often as they may bleach the color out of the teeth and acrylic. Continue to practice good dental hygiene and still schedule regular hygiene appointments to have your gum and dentures cleaned and assessed. Just like a well maintained and cared for vehicle can last a long time. A well maintained and cared for set of dentures can last a long time.

Associated Costs

Every person’s situation and specific insurance plan is unique and different. And with most denture procedures, what and how much the procedure will be covered is ultimately determined by your specific policy and plan. Most health insurers will cover portions of the denture procedure. If you or your family do not currently have dental insurance coverage or have questions about payment options, always feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff. They are always happy to discuss possible options with you.

Dental Flippers (1-2 missing front teeth)

Losing a front tooth suddenly can leave your smile feeling not so complete. Not to spare, when you need to replace a front tooth quickly for a temporary period of time, look to the flipper. Like it’s sister appliance, the partial denture, it uses pink gum colored acrylic as a base with a replacement tooth. If possible, a metal clasp might be designed into the flipper and hold onto one or more of your natural teeth.

Be careful with the appliance, it is a thin acrylic and with use over time, they can break. They are meant to last a few months. During that time, it’s a good opportunity to talk to your dentist about options for a more permanent replacement. A bridge or an implant(s) can be excellent, natural and aesthetically pleasing options.

If you have any questions about the dental flipper, please always feel free and welcome to contact us and our staff will be more than happy to provide answers.