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What Are Metal Free Dental Crowns

When our teeth show cracks, has a root canal or a large amount of decay weakening natural tooth structure, Dr. Wimmergren may suggest a crown. The technology and materials in creating a crown has come a long way. At Rivers Bend Family Dental we feature metal-less crowns. This is not your grandpa’s crown which may have been made of gold, platinum, palladium, cobalt, chromium and even nickel.

Today’s crowns we use are from Zirconia and porcelain substrates. These are glass-like materials that are white and have transparency. Transparency is important because it allows for light to pass through, which gives a more natural and life-like look. And if the word Zirconia may sound familiar, you may have heard of fake diamonds called Cubic Zirconia. The white color is important because we don’t get the same gray discoloration of gum tissue with the old metal fused crowns.

Most reasons why you may be recommended a crown is because your tooth has one of the following:

  • Large filling or cavity in the tooth
  • Cracks on the tooth surface
  • Pieces of the tooth broken off and fractured
  • Your tooth has a root canal (SEE ROOT CANAL)
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If you are dealing with issues of decay, fractures or broken cracked teeth and you’re looking for a natural solution, metal free crowns could be a great option for you. We want to provide you with the best care and support you need, let us know if you have any questions by simply contacting us here. One of our knowledgeable team members will be more than happy to see if metal free crowns is right for you.

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Why Get A Dental Crown

There are a few reasons Dr. Wimmergren may suggest a metal free crown for you. But generally, two primary cases come up. 1) Functional Benefits. Cracked after large older fillings, stressed after root canals, or broken teeth cover the range for functional reasons to need a crown. The crown’s hard outer shell protects the softer tooth underneath. 2) Aesthetic benefits. Mildly crooked, small gaps and discolored teeth you want to look more natural are some of the aesthetic reasons to have a crown. With a skilled ceramist and lab, your new porcelain crowns can achieve life-like results that would be indiscernible by your closest friends.

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When you tell someone that you just got a new crown or smile, and if they tell you they didn’t notice or that it just appears natural, that is the biggest compliment as a dentist we could ever get. Our aim is to always give you a result you will be happy with. If you’d like to understand more about why you may need to get a dental crown, please feel free to contact our wonderful staff and they will find out with you if a crown is right for you.
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The Process

To determine if you need a crown, first an x-ray helps us determine the extent of any damage or underlying issues that could hinder your need of a crown. If the tooth and gums are in stable condition, the dentist will remove any areas of decay or compromised old fillings. At this time the dentist will also reshape the tooth to be able to receive the new crown. The reshaping of the tooth is critical to allow enough thickness and strength for the porcelain or Zirconia crown.

Once reshaped and the surrounding tissue dried, Dr. Wimmergren will take either a digital impression with a camera or traditional impression with impression material. This 3D image of the tooth is sent to the lab to start making your beautiful custom crown.

In the meantime, while you wait for your custom crown to be made, a temporary crown will be placed to protect your tooth. Once your crown is completed and back from the lab, a follow up appointment is scheduled. At this follow up appointment, we remove the temporary crown and try in the permanent one. With your final approval for fit, color and shape, the crown is cemented in place and the procedure complete. Time for you to enjoy your beautiful new crown!


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Benefits of Metal Free Dental Crowns

There are many reasons to get a crown, but here are the main ones:

  • Long Lasting – Crowns are like protective shields, with a good seal and proper maintenance, you can expect a crown to last for many years.
  • Life-Like Appearance And Feel – Because of the translucency with metal free crowns, they resemble natural teeth the best. 
  • Cost – A metal free crown compared to veneers generally costs less.
  • Less Sensitivity – Because of the sealing and insulating property of crowns, they keep the nerve of the tooth in a more comfortable cozy condition. 
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Dental Crown Aftercare

There may be extra sensitivity to your gums and teeth after the crown procedure. Hot and Cold temperatures are best to be avoided around the area the work was done. If you can take an over-the counter pain reliever, that can also provide relief. It is important for you to still brush and floss around the crown to prevent decay or plaque buildup. Chipping, fracturing or cracking of the new crown can occur if you still hit bite popcorn kernels or chew ice. It is still good to use common sense and caution even with a new crown.

Treat your new crown(s) as you would a natural tooth. Maintain them with good dental hygiene practices with twice a day brushing and flossing. And don’t forget your six month cleanings and exams to catch anything that may be developing. By keeping your new crowns in impeccable shape, they will surely stick around for years to come and give you many satisfying smiles and enjoyable meals. 

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Associated Costs

Every person’s situation and specific insurance plan is unique and different. And with most dental procedures, what and how much a procedure will be covered is ultimately determined by your specific policy and plan. Most insurance plans cover dental crowns. Just beware, some plans do have a waiting period before allowing you to have this procedure covered. If you do not currently have dental insurance coverage or have questions about payment options, always feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff. They are always happy to discuss possible options with you.