Teeth Whitening

What Is Teeth Whitening?

A smile is something you can give away all your life and receive an infinite return on investment. It’s one of the first things people notice about you. And if your smile isn’t performing at its peak abilities, a lot of feelings of insecurity can crop up. If you’re currently struggling to show your teeth, talk without consciously covering your teeth or avoid selfies, you may want to consider teeth whitening services.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that helps whiten up teeth that are discolored or stained with brown and yellow hues. It is a popular procedure because it is non-invasive, quick and easy to have a tremendous effect on your smile immediately.

Restoring your teeth to a bright and beautiful smile can have a soul boosting effect on your self-esteem. Unlike popular belief, yellow teeth is not just because of bad hygiene practices. You can have discolored teeth because of certain medications taken at a young age. Fluorosis, when too much fluoride is given at a young age, is another indication for tooth whitening.

No matter the reason why, Rivers Bend wants to give you the support and care you need. If you are thinking that teeth whitening services might be something you’d like to do, consider asking your teeth whitening specialist or Doctor Wimmergren at your next cleaning appointment. They will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening Services Expectations

Teeth whitening services are non-invasive. For something to be so easy and quick to do to your teeth, it can have compounding effects on your smile and outlook on life. When you first see the potential of how bright your teeth can get, you may just be stunned with the results. At Rivers Bend we carry take home bleaching kits that can either be pre-cut strips or custom made trays. Below we will talk more about the custom made trays for at home applications.

Remember to keep up with your regular hygiene appointments. The gentle polish and and removal of stain and tartar will maintain your whitened teeth for a longer period of time.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Services Procedure

On the day you come in to make your custom whitening trays, your teeth whitening specialist will take a 3D impression scan of all your teeth. The impression is sent to a professional lab to create your custom fitted trays. Unlike over-the-counter strips and whitening products, custom trays create better and longer lasting results by holding the whitening material in closer proximity to the tooth.

Once you get back your custom trays from the lab, the teeth whitening specialist or staff will go over specific directions in applying the whitening gel in the tray. How long, how often and what to look for during the teeth whitening services.

Reasons For Teeth Whitening

The most common reason teeth become stained or discolored is because of the foods and/or drinks we consume. If we start thinking about foods and drinks that stain teeth we can see wine, chocolate, tomatoes, balsamic vinegars, berries, coffee and tea; we see these are typical in our day to day. 

Another contributor to stained teeth is smoking and/or chewing. The yellow, gummy nicotine cakes onto teeth and builds up giving it the deep yellow hue. 

With whitening (paired with a good cleaning) you can see the results for yourself in how bright and attractive your smile can become.

Teeth Whitening

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Properly Caring For Your Teeth After Whitening

One of the biggest issues patients run into when whitening their teeth is post operative sensitivity. And it’s no joke. This sensitivity can be described as painful, debilitating and just annoying if it persists. 

The main reason if you’re feeling persistent sensitivity is because of whitening at either too high of a concentration, for too long and/or too often. Whenever you are feeling unbearable sensitivity after whitening, the first thing to do is to simply stop with the applications and take a small break. Allow your teeth to rest and recover. At the following application, apply for a shorter period of time that was recommended. These small tips can go a long way in reducing the amount of sensitivity you may have to endure and create a better experience as you whiten your teeth.

To maintain your whiter teeth, think about the types of foods and/or drinks you’re consuming. If you consume more stain inducing foods and drinks like berries, tomatoes, wine or pop, don’t expect your pearly whites to stay that way for long.

But there are no restrictions in diet after whitening. If you do see your teeth yellowing again, consider doing another touch up application of whitening with any unused product or if you have run out, let our staff know and teeth whitening specialist know and we’d be happy to resupply you with some fresh whitener.

Remember it’s still necessary to brush and floss twice a day and follow up with your regular scheduled cleaning and exams.  Understand, teeth whitening is not a permanent solution but can be maintained with healthy oral hygiene practices.