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Dentures are removable devices that help restore your smile and confidence by replacing missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth improves your appearance and health, especially if you’ve lost all of your natural teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease, or injury. That is because dentures improve your speech and make eating easier.

When you lose teeth, your facial muscles may sag, making you look old. Dentures help in filling out the appearance of your face and profile as they closely resemble your natural teeth, so you look the same as usual or even improve the look of your smile.

Read on to know more about dentures available at River’s Bend Dental Clinic.

Types of Dentures

There are different forms of partial dentures. Here are some common examples of partial dentures:

1. Complete Dentures

Complete dentures, also known as full dentures, have a plastic-colored base to replicate gum tissue. These dentures support a complete set of porcelain or plastic teeth.

The traditional complete denture is held in the mouth by forming a seal with the gums, for an improved fit, it can also be held in place by attaching it to dental implants. However, the traditional complete denture is less costly than the advanced treatment.


2. Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are either made with a metal framework or a plastic base. These dentures are great for replacing multiple missing teeth. The final denture rests carefully adapted around the natural teeth and is held in the mouth using clasps.

The metal framework of the partial denture uses the traditional design due to the rigidity strength of the metal. Most people generally use plastic partial dentures as emergency or temporary replacements for missing teeth to allow the bone and gums to heal before a definitive restorative solution is obtained. However, various materials, such as Valplast, have recently been developed to provide flexible and durable alternatives in certain situations.

The Best Way to Care for Removable Dentures

Removable complete and partial dentures require proper care to keep them free from stains, clean and looking their best. For best denture care:

1. Clean your mouth after removing your dentures

Use gauze or a soft toothbrush to clean your palate (the roof of your mouth), cheeks, and tongue. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush on natural teeth and take care to remove any denture adhesive from your gums.

2. Always brush your dentures daily

Remove and gently clean the dentures every day. Soak them in water and gently rub them with a nonabrasive denture cleanser and a soft-bristled brush to remove plaque, food, and other deposits.

If you use denture adhesive to remove any remaining adhesive, remember to clean the grooves that fit against your gums. Never use a denture cleanser inside the mouth.

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3. Handle your dentures carefully

Ensure that you don’t damage or bend the plastic or the clasps when cleaning your dentures.

4. See an expert dentist if you have a loose fit

See a professional dentist immediately if your dentures become loose because loose dentures can cause sores, irritation, and infection.

5. Before putting dentures back in your mouth, rinse them thoroughly, especially if using a denture-soaking solution

Denture-soaking solutions contain harmful chemicals that can cause pain, vomiting, or burns if you swallow them.

6. Soak dentures overnight

Many types of dentures need to stay moist to maintain their shape. Place your dentures in a mild denture-soaking solution or water overnight. Check with a dentist about properly storing your dentures overnight, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on soaking and cleaning solutions.

7. Schedule regular dental checkups

An expert dentist can recommend how often you should visit a dental clinic to have your dentures examined and professionally cleaned. Our dentist at River’s Bend Family Dental clinic can help ensure properly fit dentures prevent slippage or discomfort, and check the inside of your mouth, so it’s healthy.


Why Should You Visit the River’s Bend Family Dental if You Have Dentures?

If you have dentures, our dentist or prosthodontist can advise you about how often to visit; however, make every six months a norm.

Regular dental visits are essential to:

  • Examine your dentures and mouth
  • Look for signs of oral diseases, including cancer
  • Ensure proper denture fit
  • Have your remaining teeth and your denture professionally cleaned

So, don’t delay a dental visit, and contact us today!

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Dr. Andrea Wimmergren graduated from the University of Minnesota as one of the top students in her class. Her philosophy is to offer a friendly and caring environment and the best treatment options for her patients. She also believes in tailoring treatment to each person’s unique smile goals. With over ten years of experience as an assistant and dentist in the dental field, Dr. Wimmergren values the long-term relationships she builds with her patients and seeks to assist everyone who visits her!

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FAQs About Dentures

Who will make and fit my denture?

Our expert dentist at River’s Bend Family Dental will take measurements and impressions of your mouth to order your dentures from our dental technician.

Will I be able to eat normally with dentures?

Eating with a denture may take some practice. Begin with soft foods cut into tiny pieces. Chew slowly and simultaneously, using both sides of your mouth to stop the denture from moving. Add other foods as you become more comfortable in your denture until you return to your normal healthy diet.

Do complete dentures make me look different?

A complete denture not only replaces your missing natural teeth and supports your cheeks and lips, but it’s also very good for your health and appearance. Without this support, sagging facial muscles can make a person look older than their actual age.
At River’s Bend Family Dental, we can make dentures closely match natural teeth so that your appearance hardly changes. Modern dentures can even enhance the look of your smile, helping to fill out your facial appearance.

How long should I wear my dentures?

Our dental team may advise you to wear them most of the time, including while sleeping during the first few days. After your mouth gets used to your dentures, they may advise you to take them out before bed. This will allow the gums to rest, which helps them keep their mouth healthy. It is best to store your dentures in a small amount of water when you remove them at night to stop them from warping.