Dental Fillings Ramsey, MN

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What Are Dental Fillings?

Aka Bonding. These are the bread and butter, first line treatment for any small cavity. Dentistry has come a long way since using old unsightly silver fillings (amalgam). Rivers Bend does not use any silver filling materials and believes in building a dental future that is mercury free.

If you have damaged or decayed teeth, Dr. Wimmergren may determine that they can be repaired with dental fillings. To place a dental filling, the decay or damaged area is removed first. Once this area is cleaned, etched and bonded with a liquid solution, it is ready to be restored.

After the cavity is removed with drilling, there is a small hole in the tooth that needs to be filled. Hence filling! But unlike a doughnut filling (which might be custard) the filling material used is an advanced resin. It’s super important the tooth is ultra dry during the procedure. So if Dr. Wimmergren is asking you to stay open or placing more cotton around the tooth during this part you will know why. To clean the tooth, a shampoo like material called ‘etch’ cleans off the surface of the tooth and is washed away. A glue like substance is then placed, called ‘bond’ is layered in and light cured. Finally the advanced resin material is placed, shaped like a tooth and light cured.

If the white filling is used in the front area, this is where your dentist gets to be a true artist. Sculpting the filling material and putting a final polishing shine that looks exactly like a natural tooth is just the perfect finishing touch.

Caring For Your Filling

You probably want to keep your new filling for as long as possible. That’s Great! It’ll be a good idea to keep up with great brushing and flossing habits while following up with your hygienist and dentist every 6 months. The maintenance visits help you stave off more frequent visits to the office. We’re here to help catch small issues early or give tips on your home oral care.

Dental Fillings

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