Dental Bridges

Bridging the Gap Between You & the Perfect Smile

If you have one or more missing teeth, it can affect your appearance, your ability to chew and speak properly, and your self-confidence. Fortunately, dental bridges offer a reliable and long-lasting solution to replace missing teeth without surgery.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are custom-made prosthetic devices that are used to replace one or more missing teeth.
They are typically made of porcelain, ceramic, or a combination of materials. They are anchored in place by attaching them to the natural teeth on either side of the gap or to dental implants. Bridges can be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth in a row, or even a full arch of teeth.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are four main types of tooth bridges-

1. Traditional Fixed Bridge

Comprising two or more crowns and a filler tooth or teeth, this is the most common type of bridge. The crowns shoulder the responsibility of keeping the bridge in its place. These bridges are composed of metal, porcelain-fused metal, or ceramics.

2. Cantilever Bridge

The characteristic of this type of bridge is that the pontic only connects to one abutment tooth. This can be the perfect option for people who have a gap on only one side of their tooth.

3. Maryland Dental Bridge

Made of porcelain fused with metal or ceramic, Maryland tooth bridges are ideal if you’re looking for an aid for your missing front teeth. Wings present on each side of the bridge bond with your existing teeth.

4. Implant-Supported Bridge

Akin to a traditional fixed bridge, these bridges work on similar lines. The difference is that in the place of being cemented in place of teeth, these are held in place by implants.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

  • Restore the appearance of your smile.
  • Enhance your ability to chew and speak properly.
  • Stops surrounding teeth from shifting out of place.
  • Helps in maintaining the shape and structure of your face.
  • Boost your self-confidence.
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What Happens Exactly During This Procedure?

A dental bridge is a procedure that is used to replace one or more missing teeth. The procedure involves creating a false tooth or teeth that are anchored in place by the remaining natural teeth or dental implants.
Dental Bridges
  • The first step in getting a tooth bridge is to schedule a consultation with a dentist or prosthodontist. During this appointment, the dentist will evaluate the condition of your teeth and gums and determine if a bridge is the best option for you. If a bridge is recommended, the dentist will begin the process by preparing the anchor teeth. This involves removing a small amount of enamel from the natural teeth that will be used to support the bridge. This allows the bridge to fit snugly against the teeth without interfering with your bite.
  • Once the anchor teeth have been prepared, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth. This will lead to the creation of a custom-made bridge that fits your mouth perfectly. While your bridge is being fabricated, your dentist will provide you with a temporary bridge to wear.
  • When your permanent bridge is ready, you will return to the dentist’s office to have it fitted. The dentist will ensure that the bridge fits comfortably and that the color and shape match your natural teeth.
Once you are happy with the fit and appearance of the bridge, it will be cemented in place.
  • After the bridge has been placed, you must take good care of it to ensure its longevity. This includes brushing and flossing regularly and scheduling regular dental checkups.
With proper care, a dental bridge can last many years and provide a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

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How Much Does a Tooth Bridge Cost?

A tooth bridge can cost from about $500 to more than $5,000. The cost of the bridge is dependent on a range of factors.
  • Factors such as the manufacturing process, the number of teeth involved, and whether a bridge is removable or fixed can affect bridge cost.
  • The material used also plays a role in the cost of the dental bridge.
  • The complexity of placement is another factor that can affect tooth bridge cost.
  • More difficult placement generally means a higher cost for the dental bridge.

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How Do I Look After My Dental Bridge?

1. Brush Twice a Day and Floss Daily

Regular brushing and flossing are crucial for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, especially with a bridge. Our dental professionals at River’s Bend can show you the right techniques and may recommend a special floss that allows you to clean between the bridge and your gums.

2. Get Regular Professional Cleanings

Professional cleanings are essential for keeping your teeth and gums in shape. It helps spot any potential issues early when they’re easier to treat.
Dental Bridges
Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

3. Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and fiber can help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Avoiding chewy, fibrous foods, such as certain meats, can also help prevent damage to your bridge.
By following these tips, you can help ensure the longevity of your dental bridge and maintain excellent oral health for years to come.

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We at River’s Bend offer exceptional dental care services for you at affordable prices. Better yet, we offer financing options so that prioritizing dental care needs becomes more feasible for you!


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